Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lululemon - Early Birthday Presents

Woop woop! Yesterday when I arrived home, there was a parcel waiting for me - my Lululemon order! Shipping from USA was quick, only taking 5 working days to get here. I was rushing to get to yoga, so had to wait until after class to open my package. I was so excited, like a little kid on Christmas morning, waiting to open their presents under the tree!! You couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I left the house for yoga. I even said to Gaffa, "Hurry, the faster we get to yoga the faster the class will finish and then I get to open my Lululemon stuff!" Obsessed much? After yoga I sat on my bed like the little kid ready to open my present. It was a an early birthday present to myself for my 25th birthday on this coming Monday. Every item was wrapped nicely in plastic and smelt so brand new!!

Here's me with the violaceous Scuba Hoodie, black Wunder Under Crops, and the black All Sport Bra. I was abit upset when I found out that the violaceous colour was more pink than purple, from real life photos I'd seen online. But it's actually alot like the colour on the website, and has a hint of purple (my fav).

On the weekend after we dropped off Gaffa's friends Steve and Jen at the airport, we went into the city to the Lululemon Ivy George St. store, to pick up some pants that Gaffa had bought the week before, as they were getting hemmed. While we were in there, I tried on the Audrey Jacket and the SE Scuba Hoodie, which I saw during the week on Lululemon's weekly emails about what's new in store. The Audrey jacket was so pretty, but I didn't like how it looked on me, the bottom of the jacket fell in an A-line and since I'm so short, it didn't look good. Sad really, because it would've been a great jacket otherwise. The special edition Scuba Hoodie, however.... WOW I fell in love straight away. The SE hoodie has a double hood, which is reversible and removable. Same with the wrist warmers, they're reversible and removable too. AWESOME!! Gaffa was nice enough to buy it for me for my birthday! YIPPEEE!!! Thanks babe!!

I also tried on the Run Speed Skirt in black (seen in above two photos). Gaffa has been eyeing this off for weeks now, and wanted me to get it so badly. It was so functional yet pretty, and has shorts underneath and a couple of gel pockets in the waistband, aswell as a zip pocket at the back. The girls in the Lululemon Store at Ivy George St saw how much we both loved it, and had heard about my previous Lululemon posts on this blog, so for 'product testing' they generously gave me the skirt as a gift. I was so stoked, I went red in the face and didn't know what to do or say. A big shout out to the ladies that made my Lululemon visit so much fun: Melinda, Catherine and the other Lululemon Educators!! You guys ROCK!

I will be wearing the skirt on Sunday, to test it out. Gaffa and I are doing the Spit to Manly walk and going kayaking in Manly for my birthday. Look out for that post next week some time!!

I love it how they call their sales assistants, "educators". Because that's what they do. They don't try and sell you stuff with their over the top sales pitches. They actually talk to you, and ask you questions about what you want and give you great advice about all their products. Every single time I've been into a Lululemon store, it's been a great shopping experience. The girls and guys are always happy, they always talk to you and are willing to help in any way they can. Now what other store can you say that about that cares so much for their customers? I can't think of any...

So, have you ever bought yourself a birthday present, what was it?

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