Monday, April 4, 2011

Ayam Goreng 99 & Pappa Roti

One place where you can always expect a decent meal at a great price, every single time: no it's not McDonald's, but Ayam Goreng 99. There's no wonder that whenever you go past this place along Anzac Parade in Kingsford, there are people lining up outside to get a table. You always know a restaurant is good when it's full or when there's people lining up outside.

I was introduced to this place by my bro Rave and his girlfriend Ms. Tjark (who is Indonesian) who dine here atleast once a week. You know it's a good Indo restaurant when Indo's themselves eat there! On our first visit we ordered the same as them, and ever since, we always order the same thing - why change when you know it's good? Plus, I always have bad luck when choosing things outside my norm, it always ends badly so I try to avoid it whenever I can. 

On Saturday night Gaffa and I met up with a friend we hadn't seen for a while. She lives in Kensington and had not been to Ayam Goreng 99 before! OMG, so we had to go there. Surprisingly for a Saturday night at Ayam it was not full and we got a table straight away. The restaurant is basic, with it's laminated menus, cheap tissue boxes, self serve water, and you even have to write your own order down. But who cares when the food is cheap and great on every single visit. 

We ordered the usual: a Paha Bakar (charcoal grilled marinated chicken thigh) each, Cah Kangkung (stir fried green vegies with belacan, chilli, garlic and onions) and Satay Ayam & Lontong (chicken satay sticks with ricecakes, with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce and fried onions). Lindy also ordered a Pepes Tahu (tofu pepes roasted in banana leaves, blended with onions, chilli and spices) for us to try. They do also have a menu with pictures if you haven't been there before or can't remember the names of the dishes you had. 

Cah Kangkung $9
Satay Ayam & Lontong $9.50

Pepes Tahu $4.50 & Paha Bakar $6 ea

Sorry about the bad photos. The chicken doesn't look that tasty in the photo, but trust me - it's GOOOOD! The meat is so tender, with just enough marinade and charcoal-y goodness. The greens are a great compliment with the meat, and has just enough spice level. The satay skewers are yummy, and the rice cakes are just the right softness. They were so good that I forgot to take a photo of the plate before we started digging in - there's 5 skewers per serving. Add some rice and some dipping sauce for the chicken (Ayam Goreng chilli sauce and the ketchup manis - Indonesian sweet soy sauce, the same stuff you get in Mi Goreng), and you have a very tasty filling meal for less than $15 per person. 

The ice cachang at Ayam Goreng 99 is also really good, but we decided to go across the road and try the desserts at Pappa Roti - 2 doors down from Easy Way.

Their signature dessert is the Pappa Roti buns, which are coffee cream filled Asian buns. Using our left over change from dinner, we got ice cream instead. Their wide range of flavours aren't as good as Passionflower, but are better than French Riviera. $3.20 for 1 scoop of ice cream, I went for water melon and Gaffa went for taro. Lindy just got a free spoon after a taste test, and sponged off our bought ice cream cones :) sharing is caring!  

they have some of my favourite flavours: ferrero rocher,
mint choc chip, taro, pandan, green tea.....

The larger desserts off their menu looked enticing, and judging by the crowds of people there that night, they were pretty popular. On offer were waffles, crepes or pancakes with scoops of selective flavours of ice cream. Next time I'm craving dessert, this place is worth the visit as the desserts resemble Passionflower but are about $5 cheaper. 

One a side note, how was everyone's weekend? Gaffa and I did a pre-pack for our Outback holiday in 2 weeks time, since we booked flights with hand luggage only. We also tested out our sleeping bags from Mountain Designs. They zip together!! Here's a photo: (excuse the mess in the room) Thanks to my trusty gorilla pod and Ikea cabinet for holding the camera while I had it on timer. Haha! 

Just checked the tracking of my Lululemon order. It's arrived at Alexandria, and on a FedEx vehicle for delivery today!! YAY I'M SUPER EXCITED!! Watch out for my LLL post tomorrow - picked up some great items over the weekend!! =) =) 

So, are there any restaurants that you go back to time after time and order the same thing?

Ayam Goreng 99
464 Anzac Parade 
Kingsford NSW 2032
02 9697 0030 
Closed Monday's

291 Anzac Parade 
Kingsford NSW 2032

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