Friday, April 15, 2011

Australian Outback Adventure Itinerary

Happy Friday Peeps! :-)

It's been a busy week, trying to get my visa for the UK sorted out. It dawned on us that we would have to plan our overseas travels in blocks of 3 months because the Schengen Visa only allows Australians to travel through the majority of the European countries for 90 days, then you can't return for another 90 days. Basically 90/180 days you can travel within the Schengen region freely. So what were we going to do for 3 months at a time? The solution was to get a UK Youth Mobility Visa (working holiday visa) and work in the UK to save some money for the next 3 months, or travel to other non-Schengen countries like Egypt, Russia, Ireland, Morocco, Turkey... or even USA! So I filled in the online application, went to the British Consulate to have my fingerprints taken, got some ugly passport photos taken, and then sent off my passport and forms to get processed. I also had to prove that I had 1600GBP to my name. How does one expect to live in UK for 2 years on 1600GBP? God only knows, but that's the amount you need to be eligible for the visa.

Anyway, Gaffa and I are going to be busy this weekend teaching scuba to Shrimp Dog, Hatchy and Yummy Mummy. So we won't have much time to post. Then next week we are off on our Big Australian Outback Adventure! I thought it would be good to put up our proposed itinerary now, since we won't have time next week before we leave.

14 days, 4,000+ kilometres, a Wicked Van, a Pom & an ABC, basic food and minimal showering.... Let the adventure begin!

Day 1: Fly Sydney to Adelaide, Barossa Valley
Day 2: Cobber Pedy
Day 3: Uluru
Day 4: Uluru
Day 5: Kings Canyon
Day 6: Alice Springs
Day 7: Tennant Creek
Day 8: Katherine Gorge
Day 9: Kakadu National Park  
Day 10: Kakadu National Park
Day 11: Kakadu National Park / Litchfield National Park
Day 12: Litchfield National Park
Day 13: Darwin
Day 14: Fly Darwin to Sydney

We'll be back in Sydney on Wednesday 4th May. (wow then only 1 month till we head to UK)

Ciao for now! Happy and Safe Easter. Be safe xxx

What's your favourite Easter egg?

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