Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Introducing GAFFA

Who is Gaffa? He's the Pommy that entered into my life back in 2008 and my life has never been the same since! He is also going to be a co-writer with me on this blog. Since we're heading off together on 6 June 2011 for our world travels, we'll be using this platform as a way of people keeping up with what we're doing, and also a way of documenting our exciting journey, so maybe one day we can look back and laugh at all the fond memories we shared...

To learn more about Gaffa, have a look at the About Gaffa page.

To learn more about the Gaffa and Win story (or WinGaz as we like to call ourselves), read below:

Gaffa and I met at work - where I still work, and just resigned from 2 days ago (YAY!) Gaffa doesn't work here anymore, he got shunted because of the GFC. Because of the sticky situation with visas and trying to find a company that would sponsor him, we decided to go down the de-facto route last year, and I am now his sponsor. I have the power, the ability to call immigration if he ever misbehaves, or if his cooking skills deteriorate and he can't provide for me anymore. LOL I just kid.

The de-facto visa process went smoother than expected. We were overly prepared, writing a 20+ page combined statutory declaration about our lives, where we'd meet, how we'd met, what we'd done together, what we plan to do together, etc, etc. The person that interviewed us was shocked, as normally couples only write about 1 page. (He also said that people come with their forms half filled in, how? I don't know who could be that stupid) We'd brought in a massive photo album full of our photos, a folder of cards, invites, notes, emails, itineraries, g-chat history, movie stubs, concert tickets, anything that showed evidence of us being in a real and legit relationship. The guy took one look at our pile of crap and didn't bother asking us if we knew what each other's favourite colour was or anything like that, and just asked for the money. $2,500 later, Gaffa had a stamp in his passport to say that he was on probation for 2 years as a resident. He was just not allowed to vote or received government payments. We then went to celebrate at Passion Flower with ice cream. Happy Dayz!!

Gaffa on his 30th Birthday. And yes that's an ice cream cake!

Gaffa and I are opposites. We complement each other. Gaffa likes to talk alot, whereas I am more to the point, brief and prefer some silence every now and then. Gaffa can't resist ice cream or sweeties, I have good self control. Gaffa has one going out shirt, I have too many clothes. Gaffa can drive manual, I can't. Gaffa can't remember his internet banking login, I am the bank. Gaffa is always hot, I am always cold. Gaffa has a shaved head, I have hair that's too long.

But somehow, the forces of nature have brought us together. And we make each other happy. We do have some common interests: eating, travelling and diving. Gaffa has taught me from non-diver all the way up to instructor. And I have shown him where all the good restaurants are in Sydney. Now we're both embarking on a journey to travel to as many places as we can afford to. Fasten your seat belts, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Cute message left by Gaffa on our fridge before one of our diving trips
P.S I've been told (more than once now) that it's not Gafa. It's GAFFA. My sincerest apologies, GAFFA would you like it in bold font too?...oh and it's Mr. GAFFA to some people. So GAFFA, welcome to our blog. Let the fun begin! =) 

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