About Win

Hello There!! =D Welcome to my blog!!

This blog is all about eating, travelling and diving (if you haven't already noticed from the name of the blog, der!).

I grew up in Nyngan (Google it if you don't know where it is), then moved to Sydney for boarding school and haven't left since. Now fast approaching my quarter century birthday, I've decided to launch my blog, to capture all the moments in life that I love and share them with anyone that wants to read about them (hopefully you!).

I am Asian, so obviously I love taking photos! I normally use a Canon IXUS 860IS, but have recently bought a Canon 500D, which I'm still learning how to use. I also own underwater housings for both cameras.

My favourite cuisines are Japanese and Indian. I am obsessed with mangoes and like to (try) bake desserts.

The ideal diving location for me is anywhere where the water temperature is above 26 degrees Celcius, the visibility is crystal clear, and the colours of marine life are abundant. I also enjoy the odd night or wreck diving.

For Christmas one year, I was given a large canvas with the world map on it by my sexy boyfriend Gaffa. I have pins marked out of where I have been and more importantly, where I want to go. My goal is to turn all the "where I want to go" pins into "where I have been" pins.

Come and join me on our adventures as we eat, travel & dive!

Feel free to leave me any comments on my posts or you can contact me on win.au.yeung(at)gmail(dot)com (replacing the at with @ and the dot with .)

Win =)
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