Friday, September 26, 2014

Blackmores Bridge Run

On the weekend I completed another goal and ticked off another thing on my bucket list - to finish the Bridge Run in under 1hr and run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Gaffa also did the same, but ran the full marathon instead of the 9km run.

Gaffa had been training for this for a long time and it finally paid off, as he finished with a crazy sprint to the finish line, in under 4 hours for 42kms. 

This same time last year I didn't run at all. Hated running and couldn't even run 500m without needing to stop for a breath. So it's been a pretty big year and we've both come a long way with our running goals - first the City 2 Surf and now the Blackmore's Running Festival.

I'm so proud of Gaffa. All the weekend long runs in the rain, I don't know how he did it! Lucky it wasn't blistering hot in race day, and started off with a light shower but ended up with nice sunshine to end the day.

Thank you also to my bro, Rave and SIL, Ms Tjak who ran with me during the start of the bridge run and also came along to cheer Gaffa at the finish line. It must've been a long day for them as they fell asleep quite quickly on the bus ride home. Hehehe.

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