Monday, February 27, 2012

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Hullo! ETD Peeps”
Amsterdam in full swing
After such a lovely Brussels experience, we jumped on the early train heading to Amsterdam.  Filled with expectation we arrived, jumped on a tram and touched down at our Hostel.  This place was budget-budget.  I mean to say it was pretty lousy, but it fit our budget and had free breakfast.  The rooms all had a weird, pot-like odour even though there were numerous signs depicting non-smoking in the rooms.  The bunk beds were rickety to say but the least, without any bars…. Preying we wouldn’t roll over in our sleep we were both given top bunks – we shrugged our shoulders.  I was hoping that my 88kg wouldn’t topple the leaning tower of bed sheets and crush the weakly looking American guy sleeping below me…

“Ha Ha Ha!…Danger, we laugh in the face of Danger!”

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brussels & Bruges, Belgium

“G’Day, Eat Travel Dive Readers!”
The Grand Place at night
With our travels through the winter Scandinavian cities of Oslo, Goteborg and Stockholm behind us it was time for Winnie and I to take a short flight to Brussels.  It has long been a fantasy of mine to travel to Brussels.  I’ve always loved the idea of a short break in a romantic setting coupled with a selection of some of the finest food options available – Belgian Chocolate, Belgian Waffles, Belgian Beers to name but a few.  I’ve always imagined saving Brussels, to travel to Brussels, moreover to Belgium, with that “special person in my life” to have an escape from reality, with total and utter connection to each other.  Over the years, and more recently whilst planning this trip with Winnie, it has moved from fantasy to reality, and during the planning we learnt that Bruges (actually Brugge, pronounced “Brug-gah” by the locals) was a fantastic little hideaway city.

Chocolate Mannekin Pis - yum!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stockholm, Sweden - Flygt Chick

Hej och välkommen tillbaka.. 
Till vår blogg om Stockholm. Efter en sådan fantastisk dag (och natt) Jag trodde det ett absolut måste för att skrivaseparat om att umgås med våra vänner: Flgyt Chick, herr Burgundy & Whiskey-man - namn ändrade för att skyddaoskyldiga!

Hello and welcome back..
To our blog about Stockholm.  After such an amazing day (and night) I thought it an absolute must to post separately about hanging out with our friends: Flgyt Chick, Mr Burgundy & Whiskey-man - names changed to protect the innocent!

So, where to begin?  Winnie and I were given strict instructions to “Meet at 11 at Central Station, next the big hole in the floor”.  Now, this could be taken any number of ways; what was Flygt Chick and Mr Burgundy planning to do with us?  Having worked with Flygt Chick, Winnie and I were expecting a fun day, and were not disappointed at all.  Thank you Flygt Chick!
Walking down the Old Town streets
All was revealed, when we saw them both wrapped up in HUGE puffer jackets (Flygt Chick was wearing a brilliantly bright red one, whilst Mr Burgundy was in a bright blue jacket).  So we were gonna be outdoors!  We infact were in store for a lovely walking tour of all of the major sights in Stockholm.  We started by heading away from central station to the Town Hall, dubbed the golden hall owing to the numerous golden pipes that it has, and is also the sought after location for the annual Nobel Prize Winners’ Celebration and dinner.  The chefs at the event put together a special menu that is unique to each celebration.  There is a restaurant next to the hall that recreates the menu for 364 days after the Nobel Prize official dinner.  After this we headed over to the Royal Palace, where we were taking photos of the guards on duty.  Next Mr Burgundy suggested that see the changing of the guards ceremony at the royal palace.  We went and it was no surprise to any of that it was a fairly dull event, but we stayed and watched it anyways.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stockholm, Sweden

Hej Again, ETD Readers :) 

After our short stay in Goteborg, we took the train from to Stockholm early in the morning. Stockholm was the same as Goteborg, and Oslo – cold and full of snow :)

We stayed at the Interhostel in a 14 bed mixed dorm – the largest dorm room I think we’re staying in during the whole Europe trip. Surprisingly it was ok, they had separate lockers and bed lights with double power points. 

After checking in we decided to explore the city. We walked from our hostel, down one of the main shopping streets Drottninggatan, and through to the Old Town called Gamla Stan. It was full of small icy cobbled streets (slippery ice) with loads of souvenir shops, boutique restaurants and cafes. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Goteborg, Sweden

Hej! That's hello in Swedish... :)

This is how cold it has been in Goteborg!
Sorry there have been no posts lately, we had an early 4.30am start to catch the train to Goteborg, and then the internet died on our first night in Stockholm and last night we were catching up with some friends.

Our overnight stay in Goteborg was an eventful one, no phallus' but loads of fun in a science museum, and a walk up to a church for a great view of the city.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oslo, Norway Part 2

Another cold, -6 degrees day in Oslo, but exciting none the less! 

Those of you who saw my most recent status update on Facebook regarding a HUGE phallus at Frognerparken must be wondering, "what the?", so instead of reading about it, here's the video we made.... enjoy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Olso, Norway Part 1

BRRRRR!!! It's cold in here. Must be some snow in the atmosphere! 
Or is just DJ Gaffa wearing my ear muffs?

We had another sleepover at Gatwick Airport and landed safely in Norway to start off our Winter Europe Adventure!! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow in St. Ferriol


Our last full day in St. Ferriol, France; the temperatures have dropped and snow has started falling! 

Check out our first video post! Hope you like it! =) Let us know what you think, we might do some more video posts if all goes well.
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