Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oslo, Norway Part 2

Another cold, -6 degrees day in Oslo, but exciting none the less! 

Those of you who saw my most recent status update on Facebook regarding a HUGE phallus at Frognerparken must be wondering, "what the?", so instead of reading about it, here's the video we made.... enjoy!

The statues at the park were the most exciting attraction in Olso. Not because it's filled with nudity and ends in a giant willy, but it was the most interesting, and looked amazing against the snowy backdrop. 

Next we walked down the main street of Olso called Karl Johans Gate, saw the Slottet (Royal Palace) at the Slottsparken (Royal Park), and also a small ice rink. We went ice skating... sort of.....

Here's Gaffa skating:

Here's me skating: 

Today's snack was a hot chocolate; I had a milk hot chocolate (35 NOK) and Gaffa had a dark hot chocolate 45 NOK), and we shared a brownie (39NOK) and a cinnamon roll (39 NOK). 

"Yummy and filling" - Gaffa
We also walked to find Akershus Slot Og Festning (Akershus Castle). We couldn't find an entrance (we think it might have been snowed in), so we just walked up a hill and enjoyed the view over the fjord islands and the mountains, which was beautiful. Nordic landscapes really are amazing in the wintertime. 

Our 24hr public transport ticket was due to run out at 15:30 so we purchased a single ticket to get us to central station in the morning (30 NOK each) and some snacks for the 4hr train ride to Goteborg in Sweden. While we were at 7Eleven, I suggested we try a hotdog wrapped in bacon - like an overgrown piglet in its Christmas blanket. Gaffa had been seeing lots or Norwegians eating hotdogs, so I thought it was the only Nordic thing to do! 

The Royal Palace
I've also continued my t-shirt collection and picked up yet another kids size (8-10yrs) t-shirt, with various cartoon moose faces. 

The spending in Olso came to 888.80 NOK, not including accommodation (random, but Chinese people might think that's a lucky omen!) 

We had budgeted 2,256 NOK for this trip based on our spending trend over the last few months. But we only spent 1,879 NOK, including our 2 nights accommodation. So we've saved 377 NOK, around 50 Euros. Cool! 

What does this resemble?

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