Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Olso, Norway Part 1

BRRRRR!!! It's cold in here. Must be some snow in the atmosphere! 
Or is just DJ Gaffa wearing my ear muffs?

We had another sleepover at Gatwick Airport and landed safely in Norway to start off our Winter Europe Adventure!! 

We flew Norwegian Airlines, which surprisingly were pretty good. Check in was automatic through a computer, and they even printed out your baggage tags. You just had to wait for the bag drop to open 3 hrs before take off and drop your bags off. No passport checks, just the reference number of your booking or the credit card you used. Simple. You could also pick your own seats too. 

We landed at Gardemoen Airport, which is a 26 minute / 90 NOK train ride to Olso Central. Trains are great btw, comfy reclining seats, and a 'quiet' seating section which we accidentally sat in by mistake.

Ice on the train tracks...eeep!

We then took a short 5-10min metro to the AirBnB place we were staying at. We heard about AirBnB from some friends and decided to give it a try since the hostels were more expensive in some places around Europe. Oslo was our first stay, and so far it's been pretty good. The hosts communicated well, the place was easy to find with their directions, and the private room is lovely and warm, and the kitchen and bathroom are nice and clean!!

Here is another video we made today while at the top of the Opera House in Oslo.

The Opera House, Oslo, Norway
the steep walk up to the top...
We made it to the top!
inside the Opera House

Norway is generally an expensive country, so we are not going into any paid attractions - just the free ones! Tomorrow we'll check out some more free attractions and let you know what we find.

For food we went to the supermarket and bough 2 frozen pizzas for dinner and  bread and peanut butter for our breakfast, while we're here. We figure we'd just eat small snacks during the day to keep our costs down. Today's snack was a Burger King cheeseburger, 17 NOK each.

Public transport in Oslo is pretty good. There are 6 metro lines and you can get a 24 hour ticket for 75 NOK. There is a massive gap between the plateform and the train though, which is quite scary when you're carrying a 15kg backpack and the ground is wet from ice and snow.

Gaffa's making dinner now, so until next time, stay warm!

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  1. Hey Guys!! Looks great, cold but great. Glad you like AirBnB. Let us know how it goes cause we have yet to have a bad experience, we love it but you never know.

    Adam and Nat


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