Monday, February 13, 2012

Goteborg, Sweden

Hej! That's hello in Swedish... :)

This is how cold it has been in Goteborg!
Sorry there have been no posts lately, we had an early 4.30am start to catch the train to Goteborg, and then the internet died on our first night in Stockholm and last night we were catching up with some friends.

Our overnight stay in Goteborg was an eventful one, no phallus' but loads of fun in a science museum, and a walk up to a church for a great view of the city.

Gaffa and I had bought 1 month continuous Interrail passes for our travel around Europe. Our first trip using the Interrail pass went smoothly. We just hopped on the train, found a seat, showed the pass to the dude and that's it. There was no passports required, and surprisingly, no passport showing required at the boarder crossing between Norway and Sweden, I actually slept right through it! The Scandinavian trains are so comfy btw, Gaffa (the self proclaimed insomniac) managed to get 4 hrs sleep on both trains - his quota for at least 3 days!

A Swedish magazine!
Back to the museum - it is called the Universeum. It has fun hands-on exhibitions, for kids and the young at heart adults too. And then aquariums, a rainforest and a shark tank, plus you get to build your own superhero. However Gaffa's superhero (The G-Man) lost all its powers while he was trying to build it! :(

We took loads of videos since everything was interactive, so just click play and check out what we did!

Check out this Long Tooth Sawfish Shark:

And look what we found in the rainforest:

Gaffa's monkey commentary:

Balancing on a rope... Guess who made it all the way???

DDR + Gaffa = .......

We both had a go on the gimble (space rumble). It's a machine that the astronauts use to train for the space pod landing in the ocean, to develop their core strength. Gaffa got it going pretty fast, but I had some helping hands to spin me around.

There were velcro suits and a velcro wall... little did we know it wasn't made for adults... and we got massive wedgies when we 'stuck' to the wall! But it was fun! 

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