Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Gaffa found this amazing gluten free chocolate cake recipe online. I made it for his work friends and made it again for ourselves because it was so damn good.

It's not "clean", but not as bad as some cake recipes (wishful thinking on my part). It uses brown sugar (which is possibly better than standard white sugar? - correct me if I'm wrong), and I use stevia in place of white sugar. It is decadent and with expresso used to melt the chocolate, you get that slight hint of coffee taste with the rich chocolate flavour.

It's quite easy to make as well. No need to use steam to melt the chocolate as the hot coffee does the job for you. Simple ingredients that you should have around the house, and just 60 minutes in the oven. Hey presto, a yummy chocolate cake.

Funny story...Gaffa took a few pieces to work for his work friends. Apparently he told one guy that there was no chocolate in the cake... He was totally amazed by this because it tasted so good. The poor guy was only 18, so young and naive. Lol.

Enjoy x :)

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