Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dae Jang Kum Korean BBQ Restaurant

This restaurant was discovered purely by accident. Gaffa and I were wanting to dine at Mamak one night, but as usual there was a long line - and we were hungry! So we ventured away from Mamak and noticed this Korean Restaurant. We thought, 'what the heck', lets try it.

Nom, nom, nom, I'm glad we did because it's been a life saver at times when it's late and there's nothing else open - this place shuts at 4am Mon-Thur, at 6am Fr-Sat, and 2am on Sun. It's also great for a cheap bibimbab/bibimbap - which every way you like to say/spell it.

After our Jurassic Lounge visit, we took Curtains here for dinner. We'd told her previously where we were taking her (Korean) and what we'd be eating (bibimbab), but she was still a bit confused about it all - kebab what? Oh did she have much to learn! I just love the vast amounts of different cuisines in Sydney. If you want Australian food, go eat a vegemite sandwich or a meat pie; you come to Sydney to experience the multiculturalism and the diversity of foods available.

free nibbles!
As like all other Korean places, you start off with the free nibbles. I have no idea what they are but the majority of them taste pretty good. There's kimchi, potato, bean sprouts, some tofu stuff... normally there's a pasta one too, but not this time. I should make a Korean friend so they can explain to me what all these things are!!

close ups!
Anyway, I digress. Back to DJK! We decided to order a #9 seafood pancake ($15) and #1 pan fried dumplings ($8) for entrees to share. The pan fried dumplings were average. I prefer the Japanese gyoza type (less fried) or steam dumplings. The seafood pancake was nice. The only seafood I could see was octopus, and there was also shallots in the pancake. The dipping sauce was a good addition to the pancake, with its hint of chilli.
pan fried dumplings
seafood pancake
For mains we had #30: rice, beef and vegetables, with chilli sauce in hot stone bowl ($13) - typical Korean bibimbab. On top there's a raw egg. This is where the fun part begins. You grab your spoon and MIX! The crunchy rice that's stuck to the side of the hot stone bowl, mixes in with the meat and veg, and the raw egg combines everything and cooks due to the pipping hot bowl. Be careful not to touch the bowl, it's hot!! There's chilli sauce that you add for flavour. Don't be like me though, make sure you put some in and do a taste test before adding some more. I got abit excited and added too much chilli sauce and it was a tad bit hot, but still yummy!! Curtains and Gaffa washed down dinner with a Korean beer called Hite ($5).


So, do you dine at any restaurants that are open at stupid hours in the morning? 

35 Goulburn St 
Haymarket, Sydney NSW 
(02) 9211 0890
Opening Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 9.00am - next day 4.00am
Friday - Saturday: 9.00am - next day 6.00am
Sunday : 9.00am - next day 2.00am 

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