Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Lululemon Order

The amount of times I walked past Lululemon when it was located opposite Fitness First in Westfield Bondi Junction, and didn't walk in. I kick myself that it took me so long to discover this great store. Since it moved to the Myer side of Westfield, I have spent many hours in there, trying on almost everything and wanting to buy everything in all the different colours.

Lululemon is a store for both women and men, selling athletic gear, mainly for yoga, but also for running and general gym wear. Originally from Cananda, there are also stores in USA, China and NZ. Lululemon has generated a culture of not only living a healthy lifestyle but also empowering people to achieve their goals through endless possibilities. Fellow yogi's, runners and gym junkies can sweat, bend and stretch in top quality versatile gear, for all different shapes and sizes. The various fabrics that Lululemon use are great for wicking moisture away from the body, quick drying, anti-stink, light weight, pre-shrunk and breathable.

My first Lululemon purchase was a bra and shorts for yoga. The Flow Y Bra is perfect for yoga, as it allows maximum movement and comfort. The Reverse Groove Shorts were a good change from my usual 3/4 crops, being cooler in the hot room but also gave me enough length to hide my bulging thighs.

Flow-Y Bra
Reverse Groove
Short - mine's
all black
For Christmas from Gaffa I also got the a Lululemon yoga mat strap =)

During the Christmas sale at Lululemon, Gaffa and I bought 3 items each, in preparation for our travels. We both found a hoodie/jumper. Gaffa found some lightweight, quick drying shorts and a "stink" singlet. We nick-named their items of clothing that are made from Silver Luon fabric containing luon and silverscent, which gives the clothing anti-stink and anti-static properties. Luon is also quick drying, wicks the moisture away from the body and retains its shape. I found 2 "stink" t-shirts which will be great for travelling with. Gaffa has been wearing his stink singlet alot, only rinsing it in the shower once or twice. The guy in the shop said he wore the stink shirts on his last trip trekking and they were just great. The rest has been stored away for our travels later on.

'stink' shirts,
mine are green
and peach
Define Jacket
mine is grey,
with yellow stripe
Since my first in-store purchases, I've had my eye on so many other items. Quickly finding a cheaper fix, via their online store. However, not all items in store are available online. Prices in store are above average for what one would normally want to pay for athletic wear, but I think the quality of the clothing is well worth the high price tag, to an extent. The online prices are the American prices, and since our dollar is on par (and rising!) with the US, it's only smart to buy online at the moment.

I've been waiting patiently to make my first online purchase, since they charge $30USD for shipping to Australia, I want to get as much as possible in the one order. I've fallen in love with their Scuba Hoodies (not because of the name), and also their Wunder Under Crops, which feel like a second skin. I'm also chucking in a couple of pairs of trainer socks and another bra. Gaffa's is trying out their boxers, and their trainer socks as well. Total order for 8 items is $304.00 USD, plus $30USD shipping. I think we saved at least $100 buying online, yipee!

Scuba Hoodie
Wunder Under
All Sport Bra 
Trainer Socks

Sneaky me, has tried on all the items I want to buy, and noted down the sizes. The sizing is American/Canadian sizing, making me a 4 in most things. Some other things I've spotted in-store that can't be found online, due to being sold out or old stock. Hopefully they come back online or otherwise I'll have to fork out the extra dollars and buy them in-store before our travels.

"stink" singlet, there are nicer
colours than this yellow
Groovy Run
Short - quick dry &
has undie liner
Swifty Tech
Long Sleeve -
"stink" top w/
thumb holes
Run Pace
Setter Skirt -
has built in shorts
under skirt
Run Speed
Skirt - can't remember
which skirt I tried on?
Studio Pant II -
very light weight
and quick dry
Hustler Tank - cute
detail on back

They're doing renovations on their online store at the moment, so it was probably a good time to make the online purchase before they close it down on April 5. They're moving their online store to in-house, so things flow smoother. Hopefully this means that more styles will be available online in the future! YAY!! =)

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