Monday, March 14, 2011

Tony Roma's All You Can Eat Ribs

ALL YOU CAN EAT! This always gets me. Being Asian with the stereotype of being cheap, we always want to get our monies worth. And all you can EAT, even better since Asians love food and lots of it!

I bought one (well two because I didn't read the T&C's properly) of the Cudo vouchers offering 50% off "All you can eat ribs at Tony Roma's", for $14.95 each - what a bargin! 'All you can eat' and 'ribs' in the same sentence: OMG! Tony Roma's are probably best know for their ribs and also provide great steaks and seafood. With restaurants in over 30 countries, it's not wonder they were booked out for 4 wks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

My bro's girlfriend, Ms. Tjark managed to get a booking for Saturday at 8.30pm. They basically have 2 sittings, one at 6.30pm and one at 8.30pm. As Gaffa and I were walking past the windows of the restaurant, all we could see were tables of Asians... yep we were in the right spot for all you can eat! We waiting about 20 minutes for our table and probably another 10-15 minutes to be served. There were walk-ins who were hedging their bets, hoping for a free table without a booking. Lucky we booked, as it was packed out and staff were running around like crazy.

For the all you can eat, there was only one type of ribs: riblets, and one type of sauce: BBQ. 6 plates of ribs please! We were there with my bro Rave, Ms. Tjark and their friends D&T. Out they came pretty quicky, with 3 slabs of ribs of different sizes, and a side of chips or rice. Some of us chose to dig in and use just our hands (Gaffa), while others more lady like, chose the standard knife and fork. I was sitting on the fence, using one hand and a knife in the other.

The boys finished their plates first and ordered another 3 servings. Out came 1 plate with 3 racks of ribs. We were abit unsure if this was one serving or the three to share. It was the latter. So we ordered another 6 - one each. Ms. Tjark caved in first, only finishing her original plate of ribs. T & I were second to stop eating, only having 1 extra rack after our first plate of ribs. The ribs were getting more saucy-er and harder to consume, but the boys were still going strong. The 6 that we ordered were of varying sizes again, with about 3-4 single ribs per rack. So without thinking, the boys ordered another 6 ribs....

This is what came out: BIGGER and more BBQ-Y goodness!!

About twice the size of any previous racks we'd gotten, with 5-7 single ribs each. How did 3 guys manage to finish all of this? Quite easily. Gaffa ended up eating 9 racks of different sizes, which we estimated was equivalent to about 3 normal sized racks of ribs that you'd get at other steakhouses - well done, I think you got your monies worth, and everyone else's on the table!

There were T&C's for the standard 'all you can eat ribs', like: no ordering of next plate, until current plate is empty and any left over ribs, will be charge at $2.50 per rib. We weren't sure how strict these rules were since there was only bones left on the table when we finished.

I do have another voucher because I didn't read that you could use one voucher for the entire table. So there may be another visit before the end of April when the voucher expires. (or maybe not, because right now, the thought of that BBQ sauce is abit sickening.)

So, what was your best 'all you can eat' effort? Did you get your monies worth?

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