Friday, March 11, 2011

The NRL Footy Show 2011

I was fortunately enough to score a ticket to be in the audience of the first NRL Footy Show of 2011. A good friend, Princess invited her boyfriend Fabio, Gaffa and me along since her work were offering tickets to the filming of the show at the Channel 9 Network in Willoughby. No phones or cameras were allowed in so I was unable to get any sneaky pics of famous footy stars.

After a free sausage sizzle, we were ushered onto the new set of the show and waited in our seats for instructions on when and how to cheer and clap, when to laugh and be quiet, and also how not to look directly into the camera. During the pre show entertainment and the ad breaks, a guy tried to crack jokes amoung the audience. Giving away the 'Hot Wranga' sauce we had on our snags to the person who lived the furthest and closest to the studio. Too bad Gaffa didn't have his passport on him, being a Pom he could've won some hot sauce!

Filming started, and I was tapped on the shoulder by Fabio who was sitting at the end of the back row. I turned around and there was Brad Fittler waiting to go on stage. OMG!! I swear he smiled at me when I looked at him!!

The hosts tonight on the show were Paul "Fatty" Vautin, Darryl Brohman, Brad Fittler and Ray Warren. No Sterlo this season, unfortunately. Also no Benji Marshall, who was supposed to be the new host for this season, but after his recent encounter at Macca's, management decide not to have him on the show. My favourite guest on the show was Roosters star Braith Anasta, not to mention how good looking he is, haha.

During one ad break the guy made a comment to Gaffa about the Tigers jersey he was wearing. Gaffa replied, "It's Nyngan Tigers". The guy pulled a funny face, and Gaffa points at me, "She's from Nyngan." "Where's Nyngan?" he asks, "near Dubbo" I reply. Then he proceeded to make jokes about Dubbo Zoo and Dubbo's team being the Dubbo Elephants.

The four of us got some great extended air time during the segment by Andrew Voss called "Stuff You May Have Missed." You can watch it online at the NRL Footy Show, under Video.
Here's a screen shot, we're in the top left corner - see me in my Storm jersey!!

At the end of the show Gaffa went to talk to Brad Fittler and to shake his hand. Fittler also asked about the Tigers jersey, confusing Nyngan with Nimbin. (LOL, which is not very unusual.)

All in all it was a great experience being in a live audience full of crazy football fans. I would definitely do it again if I had the chance. Funny enough, I was the one and only Storm supporter there. This weekend Storm are playing Manly - lets see who wins, hey Gaffa!

Which NRL team do you support and why?

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