Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Fish Shop, Potts Point

It's very rare that Gaffa recommends a new restaurant to try, but he read in the Qantas magazine on a flight home,  that The Fish Shop was one of the best places for fish & chips in Sydney.

We were finally able to try it last weekend when he was back in Sydney. My parents called to ask if we wanted to have lunch with them so we suggested The Fish Shop. They are happy to try anything, but my Dad can't handle spicy food and my Mum, well she like Chinese food or plain food, mainly tofu, greens, fish and not much else. So it was a pleasant surprise when Mum was complimenting the food at The Fish Shop. 

We drove to Potts Point and found a park pretty easy on Victoria St. I went to school in Potts Point so I knew the area quite well. Gaffa will be working at Kuttabul in a few months, so I'm sure this place will be one of his main lunch joints on Challis Ave.

The restaurant wasn't too busy when we arrived (kitchen opens from 12pm) so we got a table (more of a high bench with stools) inside but with a view of the street. Menus were a newspsper type complete with a 4x4 sudoku, which I completed but found that it has 2 solutions...

Anyway, we got some recommendations from the waiter (who Gaffa said smelt like alcohol). But we later found out that the night before was crazy busy, so he hit the vino after work... lol.

We ordered the cuttlefish with garlic, chilli & parsley and some pickled eggs for entree, which came out with some pickled onions, chillis and betroot too. For mains we shared the fish & chips, the crumbed fish, bacon & chilli burger and a special of whole battered fish with a sweet chilli dip as well as some potato scallops, pea mash and side of chips. FYI the burger comes with chips so no need to order more. But they do have vinegar so we were able to relive the Pommy way of eating hot chips: with salt and vinegar! Yummy!!

The cuttlefish was cooked perfectly. Very soft and not chewy at all. The whole fish was what my Mum loved, she liked the light crispy batter and the flakey melt in your mouth fish. The pea mash was nice too. Burger was "best burger in Sydney" according to the waiter, that's why I ordered it; but it wasn't the BEST, but still pretty good.

For dessert Gaffa and I shared the ice cream sandwhich, since we didn't get to have the one at Reuben Hills the day before. Delicious! Drizzled with caramel sauce, with a thin biscuit 'sandwhich' and yumny vanilla centre. Could've eaten one each if we weren't stuffed with potato chips!

Prices are typical Potta Point prices - more than usual. But for the quality of the food and a special occasion, it's worth it. You could always get take away and walk down to the wharf.

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