Tuesday, May 13, 2014

28th Birthday in Melbourne, Part 2

After a very yummy dinner we went downstairs the next morning to have buffet breakfast in the hotel. Bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, hashbrowns, fruit, yoghurt, gluten free toast, fresh honey straight from the honeycomb, pancakes... filled us up for a full day of shopping ahead.

First stop was DFO at Docklands. We walked from our hotel all the way to Docklands. I was wearing my boots and a jumper and in true Melbourne fashion, weather was hot then cold at times - so annoying.

We finally arrived and headed for the athletic shops first. In Nike I bought a pair of running crops and a thin run jumper. Next stop was the Asics store for some new running shoes. Since my Nike Free Runs were giving me blisters Gaffa suggested Asics for more support on the longer runs. The sales consultant was very helpful and I also got a couple of pair of running socks too. We then headed into Lorna Jane. Since the Nike run crops were a dark pink colour I just had to find a black top to match! :) my current gym/run gear was black crops and coloured tops so I had nothing to match (thats what all girls say!). I found a cute black singlet and had to stop myself from buying other things, especially a purple crop top (and yes because it was purple I immediately loved it).

Afterwards we browsed through some other stores and Gaffa was getting a bit tired. He went for a toilet break and a drink while I had a look in some other stores. We both went into Jay Jays and I noticed a Minion tshirt in the window. Those that know me, know I love minions! This one had "one in a minion" on it, gotta love puns!! We also spotted some Batman tshirts and we both bought one, since our last name is very close to the superhero name hehe.

It was finally lunch time and we decided to catch a train to try out Three Bags Full Cafe. We ordered a couple of gf dishes and milkshakes, and a coffee for Gaffa in this busy suburban hang out. I should've tried the coffee because apparently it's quite good there. They also have funky stools made from street signs. Food was nice and well priced.

We then walked to the Lululemon factory outlet in Collingwood. I was super excited because I love all things Lululemon. The stuff at the outlet was mainly the random outrageous coloured items, with a few good finds. The store is arranged by size, so it was easy to find a bargin. I picked up a free to be bra for yoga and a funky backless top for the gym. Gaffa picked up some shorts. I was tempted to get another scuba hoodie but decided against it since I already have two of them. (They're so comfy and warm though).

After a long day of shopping we'd finally had enough and took a tram back to the city to our hotel.

Gym time! We headed to the same Fitness First we went to the previous night but it was just about to close. So we decided to trek to the newly opened Flinders St Fitness First gym. This was the first FF gym in Victoria with the new branding. Spread out over 2 levels with all the gym equipment and space you could want. It was quite impressive. We lost track of time again with an intense arm and abs workout and ended up back at the hotel getting ready for a late dinner.

Cookie was another place that my SIL and another friend recommended. Both for the Thai food and the cocktails. When we arrived they were really busy and didn't have any seats in their restaurant area but we could sit in the bar area on a large communal high table. As I minded the seats Gaffa went to order the food and cocktails. Food prices were a bit expensive and food was good but not as impressive as The European the night before. We ordered a couple of entrees and a couple of mains. It was quite noisy as well (since it was a Saturday night) so we left after dinner in search for some dessert.

We walked past the Nitro Lab, which is the ice cream store that sprung from a contestant on Master Chef. On the show she was running out of time while making ice cream and decided to use liquid nitrogen to freeze it instantly. There was a line but it went quickly. They change their flavours every now and then so it's definitely a place to visit more than once. I opted for Gaytime and Gaffa had the watermelon mojito. I watched eagerly as they made the ice cream in their Kitchen Aid mixers and added in the secret ingredient... then hey presto,  ice cream was created! The Gaytime ice cream was so delicious as was the mojito.

On Sunday after our buffet breakfast we packed our bags and checked out, leaving our luggage at the hotel while we went for a movie. The Lego Movie was very entertaining, brought me back to my childhood memories of playing with Lego. I had the girly lego while my brother had the boys lego. Kids nowadays probably wouldn't appreciate Lego as much, with all the new high tech toys out there.

After browsing around some shops we headed for lunch at a small Taiwanese place and then dessert at the Nitro Lab again. This time we tried and TimTam and Mango Boba. Gaytime was my fav, followed by mojito, TimTam then Mango boba. Nom nom! Can't beat a yummy gelato or ice cream.

Sadly the awesome birthday weekend had to come to an end.... I said goodbye to the hubby and he took the train back to Crib Point, while I headed to the airport. I was quite early for my flight so had loads of time to kill. Finally after a delayed flight I arrived home. What an awesome 28th Birthday, one I'll remember for a long long time. Thanks for making it a special one, Gaffa! :) xxx

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