Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Altitude Degustation

So much has been happening in the last couple of months, so sorry about the lack of posts.  But hopefully you've been enjoying Gaffa's blog posts about his Fat to Fit Journey.

I have to back track to February, but to a very special dinner Gaffa and I had at the Shangri-La Hotel in the Rocks. They have a bar and restaurant on level 36 with amazing cocktails and views to match in the fine dining restaurant Altitude.

I booked a table for 9.30pm on 15th February, yes the day after Valentine's Day because it was the day Gaffa received his de-facto visa many years ago and because Valentine's Day is always so busy! We opted for the Epicurious degustation which is an 8 course degustation menu for $150 ($215 with matching wines). AND it's gluten free!

We arrived early all dressed up and decided to have a cocktail at the bar. Sadly all the seats with harbour views were taken. Finally 9.30pm arrived and we were seated at a rather wide table (so far across from each other!) with views of the harbour night sky.

We decided to order a bottle of wine to celebrate and were recommended a lovely red wine that we thoroughly enjoyed. It ended up being the same price as having the matching wines. But at least with 1 full bottle we knew we liked it and could enjoy and savour its taste.

The night started off with an array of breads. We were also given a couple of complimentary fresh oysters to begin. They were nice but has the 'sea' taste that I don't particularly enjoy.

I'll keep this post short and let the photos do the talking. The food was delicious. My favourite dish was the swordfish. We also received complimentary glasses of bubbly as a sorry from the restaurant for taking so long to bring out the dishes. But we didn't even notice they were busy... the cheese plate incurs an extra $15 ontop of the $150. The dishes look small but by the end of the degustation you'll be pretty satisfied!

Before the main courses came out there was an unexpected fireworks show. It was a nice touch to our special night. We ended up being one of the last tables to leave at around midnight.

Our waiter was very nice and even went out of his way to find out some info for us. During our previous visit to the bar we noticed there was a cocktail on the list for $10k which included a diamond. We assumed this was for all those men who wanted to propose. But what was really included in this $10k package? Well the $10k diamond cocktail means that you can use $10k to cover the ring, dinner, drinks and room stay. And we were told that they get at least 1 proposal every week at Altitude! So any guys reading this who are stuck on a proposal location, check out Altitude...

I highly recommend the degustation menu. Food is prepared well, service is top notch, and the price is fairly competitive compared to other degustations at other fine dining restaurants around Sydney. Plus the views are amazing! Gaffa and I had a great night :)

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