Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

I'm always on the lookout for good breakfast places. I think breakfast is my favorite meal of the day,  but sadly I don't have much time during the week to prepare nice elaborate breakfast dishes. So on the weekends it's always a treat to to out and enjoy breakfast or brunch (so we can sleep in!)

Last Saturday we organised with Rave and Ms Tjak to meet for lunch since Gaffa was back in Sydney for the weekend. And I was given the task to pick somewhere to eat.

Gaffa and I had chiro appointments in the morning then we dropped off Gaffa's road bike to be put back together. Afterwards we got a call from Ms Tjak informing us that they were finished with their morning chores and Rave was hungry. (Gaffa was hungry too or maybe a bit hangry!) so we took this opportunity to head to Reuben Hills early.

I found this trendy 'hipster' cafe on a list of Sydney's beat cafes for breakfast. The menu was a bit different from the usual bacon and eggs, inspired by the owners' travels around South and Central America. We waited around 20 minutes for a table. Lucky there were seats outside and the sun was shinning.
I'd looked at the menu beforehand and decided on what drink and dessert I was ordering, but upon discussions with the waitress, I changed my mind. Reuben Hills are well known for their salted caramel milkshakes but we were told the Aero milkshake was mint choc, so definitely had to order thay one. Lucky Ms Tjak ordered the salted caramel so I had a little taste (and yes it's pretty damn good) but I preferred the Aero. Gaffa had the espresso and white chocolate milk shake. It had too much of a coffee taste for my liking, but not much of a white choc taste...

For food we were told that they could substitute any gluten/bread for corn tortillas. Yay for Gaffa!! He decided on the Crocodile Tostada, Ms Tjak and I both ordered the Dirty Bird (which funny enough I kept calling Dirdy Birdy, who is a Viet pole dancer in Sydney that I follow on Instagram) and Rave had the Not Reuben.

Food came out in a reasonable time. I asked for the gluten free version instead of the brioche. Which was a good option since the brioche looked quite thick and was very filling. The gluten free version cake split onto 2 tortillas, perfect since Gaffa and I always split our meals. The crocodile tostadas came out on crispy shells and the 'return to life' sauce was a slow burner but went nicely with the refreshing pineapple jalapeno slaw. The crocodile was slightly battered with a Japanese flour, which didn't affect Gaffa.

We didn't have room for dessert which would've been an ice cream sandwich - totally devo. But it means we'll be back again. They also have baked eggs which we were told by the waitress is very popular. And the single origin coffee is also a must try, surprised Gaffa didn't order one.

Prices were standard Surry Hills prices, a little more than suburban cafes, but worth it. Plus it was in celebration for Ray's 30th birthday next week. Dirty thirty - he should've ordered the chicken burger instead! :p

Any suggestions for breakfast places, please let me know!!

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