Monday, June 23, 2014

Paleo Savoury Bread Recipe

Grated carrot in bread?! Say what now?! Yep, I found an awesome bread recipe that asks for grated carrot, or sweet potato or zucchini. It's paleo and it's damn tasty!

The Merry Maker Sisters have a lot of healthy and tasty recipes on their Facebook and Instagram pages - so go check them out! @themerrymakersisters

I'm always looking for bread alternatives because the hubby is gluten intolerant and gluten free bread is mosty really dense and hard. One thing I miss about not eating gluten - soft freshly baked bread....

Anyway... I don't have a thermomix or a bread maker so when I find recipes that are relatively simple and you can make pretty easily, I definitely give them a try.

I didn't have any dry basil flakes or dry garlic so I asked Gaffa what would work well with the array of herbs and spices we already had at home. He suggested thyme and chilli since the lemony flavour would combine with the mild spicy kick in the chilli.

You can find the recipe here


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