Saturday, May 14, 2011

Product Review - Lululemon Run: Speed Skirt

Hey hey there! Sorry haven't posted for past few days, Blogger was down yesterday...
As you can see above, I love to do jumping photos, and I'm wearing a funky skirt/short/skort....

My first product review of a Lululemon item - the Run: Speed Skirt. If you read my previous post about Lululemon, you would have known that I got given this skirt as a gift from the lovely educators that were working that day at the Ivy George St. store =D

Walking to Manly from the Spit Bridge

Comfy Lululemon clothing makes for a great walk

Enjoying the views along the Spit to Manly walk

So first up, the technical jargon - on every swing tag, Lululemon provides the details of every product, what material it's made out of, what features it has, and why they made it.

Why Lululemon Made this skirt:
- All the technical properties of a short, but we made a skirt instead!
- Lightweight and wicking swift fabric with 4-way stretch and recycled content
- Inherently wicking Luxtreme fabric liner with sticky elastic at hem, stops shorts from riding up
- Smooth, wide waistband
- Continuous draw cord won't come out in the wash
- Storage! Secure back zipper pocket & 2 gel pockets on the front
- Chafe-resistant - flat seams

My skirt is black in colour and a size 4. Lululemon clothing are in American/Canadian sizing, so just minus 4 from your usual size and you'll get your Yanky equivalent.

Flexible and lightweight material - good for
those tricky wet spots during the walk

Made it across without getting wet!

The first time I wore this skirt was on the Spit to Manly walk that Gaffa and I did on my Birthday weekend. I also took it with me on our Outback Adventure. It folds up small, and doesn't require any ironing, so you can stuff it into a tiny space in your bag. The material is lightweight, quick drying and wicks away all the sweat. There are shorts underneath the skirt, which has these sticky bits at the hem. They are great as they stop the shorts from riding up. But if you're not use to the sticky-ness, you'll be forever adjusting them until you feel comfortable. For me, the sticky elastic took some getting use to, but after I got over it, the shorts stayed in place and I didn't touch them all day.

The skirt is a great alternative to shorts because you can feel pretty while working out! And on my travels I can also wear it out to dinner with a nice top - two uses in one! I didn't get a chance to use the back zipper pocket or the gel pockets on the skirt itself. But I do use similar pockets in other crops and shorts that I own, and they are very useful for keys, money, etc. Just abit uncomfortable if you're lying on your back though (as I do in yoga) - which you shouldn't be doing if you're up and about prancing in your pretty skirt!! hehe

Great for a walk at Katherine Gorge

Getting a tan - a short tan hehe

Hihi!! :)

This skirt would be suitable for walking, running, gym workouts and general wear. I probably wouldn't wear it to yoga, as the extra skirt layer would be just too annoying during certain poses. It comes in sizes 2-10 (6-14 Aussie sizes). I've seen it in a few different colours: black, white, snorkle blue, pink mist, grapeseed, tango red. Depending on what stock the local stores have... At the time I got mine they only had black and white and most of the time the coloured ones sell out fast online.

The con's of this skirt, there's aren't really any. Except that it gave me a really bad tan line when I was in the Outback... not a cool look!!

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  1. PLUS - It looks totally hot! Love this product (from both a practical and boyfriend point of view)... Thanks Lululemon! =)


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