Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eating in Bali Part 3

Okies, I swear this will be the last post about eating in Bali! Only two more restaurants to rave about, ones that are a definite must-eat when visiting this paradise island. 

After the wedding all our relatives and family friends went home, so it was just Gaffa and I, my parents and the newlyweds. We decided to meet up with them in Seminyak for dinner which is about half hour taxi from Nusa Dua. We arrived abit late for the $3 cocktails across the road,  but we were happy with the lychee martinis at Ultimo. 

Ultimo is an Italian restaurant on the main street of Seminyak, where you'll find lots of shopping boutiques, restaurants and cafes as well. I was surprised to see such a popular Italian restaurant in Indonesia, but I guess you do have a lot of  Westerners who probably get sick of eating nasi goreng everyday they're in Bali.
We were seated out the back, outside. There was minimal lighting, so little that they supplied us with torches so we could read the menu. We ordered an antipasto plate to share for a starter, and each ordered a pasta dish for mains. 

Dad had duck, mum and Ms. Tjak had crab, I had smoked salmon, Rave and Gaffa had prawns with squid ink pasta. Prices were relatively cheap and the portion sizes were decent. My salmon pasta was delicious (I love smoked salmon) and we all took a strong liking to Rave and Gaffa's squid ink pasta, even though it made our teeth black! 

Aftetwards we stopped off in a locsl cafe for a refreshing drink and dessert.

On one of our last days in Bali, Gaffa and I took my parents to Naughty Nuri's for lunch, on recommendations by Rave and Ms. Tjak. The food was so good that they ordered another serving, so this wad definitely a place we had to try. 

After shopping around Seminyak we took a taxi to Naughty Nuri's. We got a table pretty easily but the warung was quite busy. We ordered the (in)famous BBQ options of pork ribs - one each for Gaffa and I and my parents shared one; pork chops - one for my parents to share and one for Gaffa and I to share; a porn corn each and a side of wedges to share. 

When the corn came, the waitress said that the corn was smaller than normal so she gave us an extra piece. They looked normal sized to us! The corn was cooked with seasoning and was super juicy and sweet. The ribs were smothered in BBQ sauce and the meat just fell off the bone. After eating all that pork and corn we were all stuffed with finger-licking goodness.  Not a good look when we were sunbaking at Potato Head right after lunch with our food babies. But a few cocktails soon soothed our bloated tummies :) 

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