Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eating in Bali Part 2

When it comes to food you can gurantee that there'll be a part 2, maybe even a part 3! Stay tuned...
The day after the wedding was spent relaxing since we had a late night out at ZJ's , a night club in the grandest hotel I've ever seen, Mulia. Anyway, that night we had dinner at Jimbaran. Jimbaran is known for its seafood and dinning on the beach. We watched the sun set at Rock Bar but I've heard the sun set at Jimbaran is good too. I assume all the restaurants at Jimbaran are much the same,  getting their seafood from the same place. We ate at Menega Cafe, and we had a set menu since there was about 30 of us. The tables are on the sand, on a slight angle so keep hold of your drinks! Food was decent, but my parents, aunties and uncles who also ate there said the food was not that good.

After the wedding we spend a couple of days in Ubud. Ubud is known for its beautiful rice fields, and is the arty and cultural hub of Bali. There are alot of warungs on mountain tops with gorgeous views of rice fields below. Definitely worth a visit just for the great views.

For lunch in Ubud we were taken by our tour guide to a local warung where we enjoyed some smoked duck and crispy duck. I don't know what the restaurant was called, sorry! But if you do a Google search for places to eat in Ubud, a few duck places will pop up. The smoked duck was really good, with lots of sauce to be soaked up by the rice. The spices used were delicious and the meat fell straight off the bone.

On our last day in Ubud we had an early lunch at Ibu Oka. They are famous for their babi guling - roast suckling pig, only cooking a certain number of piggies per day. Get there early to get a table and a cheap feed. We arrived at 11.30 when it just started to get busy. Each of us ordered the special; with suckling pig, crispy skin, a sausage made from intestine, vegetables and rice. Then we ordered another portion of crispy pork skin for the table. Complete with some iced tea to wash it down... The pork was pretty damn good, but compared to all the hype about it, it didn't live up to all high standards that we expected. Still worth the visit because it's cheap and they have funky pig taps.

Ok, a few more meals and restarants to review so there will be part 3!! Hope your tummies aren't rumbling too much :)

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