Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Opera Bar, Sydney

Last night we bid farewell to two fellow Poms, one of which Gaffa became good friends with while working full time as a diving instructor. They are over here on working holiday visas and had worked 3 months in Sydney already. The next part of their trip was going to take them north, to find some work in Cairns and then travel around Australia and back to Sydney in December.

After work I met Gaffa and the Poms at Sea Rock Bar, where they had been happily drinking wine during happy hour. After one more drink there we were starving and heading to Opera Bar for dinner.
The Poms had been here for dinner before and raved about the fish and chips,  so they wanted to come back here for one of their last meals in Sydney. 

Gaffa and I ordered the beer battered flathead fillets with chips, and a spiced cauliflower,  pomegranate,  quinoa and coriander salad. The Poms ordered the fish and chips as well as a pizza. The fish was cooked beautifully with a crispy batter. But my favourite was the salad. The spices on the cauliflower paired well with the sweet pomegranate and left me wanting more.

With the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as the backdrop, we all had a great night out. It was a school night, but lucky I didn't have work till 11am the next morning!

Drinks prices are what you'd expect for a bar with this great view right in the heart of Circular Quay. Definitely worth a visit for all tourists in Sydney. 

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