Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Max Brenner, Manly

Love chocolate? Well you'll definitely love this place. Chocolate by the bald man is a cafe that sells hot and cold drinks, and an array of chocolate desserts. Some large enough to fill you up if you skip lunch/dinner or for those with a second stomach for desserts.

Gaffa and I met up with our good friends Maverick and Quiche in Manly for dinner at Manly Fish Cafe, then dessert at Max Brenner. The last time we were at MB with them was before we left for our overseas travels in June 2011. So this outing was long overdue!

All of us are chocolate fanatics,  Maverick and Gaffa especially. So our order at MB was large enough to feed a couple of families but the 4 of us somehow managed to finish it all.

Gaffa and I decided, well I decided; to share. I ordered a mint hot chocolate and Gaffa tried to peanut butter choc shake. Then we had the tutti fruity waffles for two. Two warm Belgium waffles, drizzled with mikk chocolate, served with scoop of ice cream, strawberries and banana slices. Then we had a choc fudge brownie sundae with peacans and chocolate waffle balls.

Funny enough, Maverick and Quiche shared and ordered the same thing, minus the peanut butter choc shake.

By the end, all evidence of choclate was gone from the plates, bowles and cups. And we left in a major food coma with chocolate overdose, but it was well worth it!

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