Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leeds and York, England

Markets in Leeds
We spent two nights in Leeds. First day was just Gaffa and I. We walked around the numerous shops and visited the indoor and outdoor markets and Art Gallery. The outdoor markets were quite dodgy. People were selling old junk, like random cords, old computers, phones, old chargers...

The first night Gaffa and I met up with one of Gaffa's long time friends - Ms. Tall, from when they holidayed together in Spain, as teenagers. Her parents and Australian boyfriend (who didn't sound Australian at all!!), took us to an Indian Restaurant called Akbar. I tried another biryani, hoping to have a better experience than in London. This one came out with a little too much rice and a small curry sauce. But was still really tasty. The naan bread was massive, and came out on a big stake - lucky there was 6 of us!

Massive naan!!

The next day in Leeds we spent with Mouldy Man and his girlfriend Kimbo - who has the same obsession with the colour purple as I do, awesome! Mouldy Man is one of the few people who has kept in touch with Gaffa as he has travelled, and the two of them are really close (like brothers actually), so it was cool to see Gaffa on "home turf" with such a good friend.  First we visited the Leeds Museum, which had a Spice Girls exhibition on!! Yeah!! What great timing!! I loved the Spice Girls, and was so upset when they didn't make it to Australia for their reunion concert :( But it was pretty cool seeing all the Spice Girls Memorabilia.

Girl Power!
We ventured down to the waterfront, and played around in the Royal Armories Museum. We didn't actually go into the museum though.

Gaffa the Queen
Dinner time at Zizzi's - Italian. Tomato pesto bread for entree, and spicy chicken pasta for main. Very yummy, not spicy at all. The dinner was pretty fun, paying out Gaffa for being "so polite" with our server, Charlotte...all because she had nice hair, but we all thought he said she had a nice ass!!! LOL!  So for the rest of the meal we ripped into Gaffa every time she came to the table...

Next stop: drinkies!!

We got some handout vouchers for 2 for 1 cocktails and free shots, so of course we took advantage of that. 4 cocktails and 2 shots each later, we went to Wetherspoons for some cheap pitchers of more cocktails. By the end of the night we were mixing a red concoction with a purple drink.... signs of a great night when you start mixing your drinks!!

Me, Gaffa, Mouldy Man & Kimbo

Round 1 of cocktails....

Round 2 and shots

Pitchers at 'Spoons
Next morning we were all in need of a greasy breakfast - Wetherspoons it was!! Big vego breakfast, yum!!

York Cathedral
We'd hired a car for the next 2 days to drive to York and Hadrian's Wall. Mouldy Man and Kimbo came with us to York for the day. York was a very nice town with beautiful architecture and cobbled streets. We walked all the way up to the top of York Cathedral to get a good view on the town. The weather was great, the temperature reading in the car hit 31 degrees C! We took advantage of the excellent weather, and took our chance to have a yummy (massive) 2 scoop ice cream as we wandered down the old streets in the sun.

Gaffa doing his first Standing Bow in months!!

Young Love!! Mouldy Man & Kimbo
After a nice rest in the park, and another chance to giggle at Gaffa practicing his Yoga poses, we parted ways, and drove north to Hadrian's Wall.

View over York from the top of the cathedral

Chillaxing in the sun in York

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