Friday, July 8, 2011

Hadrian's Wall and Newcastle, England

We arrived fairly late to our accomodation, and thankfully the Greenhead Hotel was still serving up dinner. After a nice hot meal, we rested in our camping barn accommodation.

The next morning we walked along Hadrian's Wall to Steel Rigg, thanks to the publican in the Greenhead Hotel. The tree at the bottom of the valley is apparently where they filmed part of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. It was great to walk along the wall and see a part of ancient history still standing.

After breakfast and shower back at our camping barn, we drove to Cumbria for a quick visit to Carlisle. Then back to Newcastle Upon Tyne, or "Toon" as the "Jordies" call it - (that's what they call the people from Newie) - to top drop off the car, via the Angel of the North sculpture. When I hear Angel of the North, I think something nice and pretty, but alas no, it's a metal structure that looks like a plane.  But Gaffa may be the only person in England who likes this!!

We made it to the airport to drop off the car just in time. But didn't have time to refuel the car, and ended up getting stung for refueling costs!!

For dinner in Newie we ventured down to Chinatown. I was craving some home cooked food (Gaffa's been missing my family's cooking and is losing touch with his chopstick skill). But instead we found a Chinese buffet, called Lau's 202. Lau is my mum's maiden name, so I had to eat in there! Sushi, duck pancakes, ribs, satay skewers, won ton noodle soup, fried Chinese stuff, and the usual Chinese stuff, waffles, dessert.... yep Gaffa and I were stuffed at the end of it!

We walked back over the bridge and saw a Slug and Lettuce. Damn it! Monday's are half price aswell. Oh well, next time!!

Oh and one other thing, if you're in Newcastle and planning to stay over night you should book into the Euro Hostel.  It was pretty cheap, with a continental breakie chucked in, and the rooms were top notch - clean, tidy and modern.  We really liked it and rate it highly.

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