Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pisa, Italy

Leaning around Pisa!


So, after a short train ride from Florence we headed straight for the tower.  We found it just after dark and took a few photos.  

It really does Lean at a rather dramatic angle.  It stands proud of the surrounding Duomo and its out-buildings.

Winnie trying to simulate the lean.

Me leaning like Pisa
After a short walk back into the main town of Pisa, we headed straight to our first recommended restaurant: Le Scuderie, for a pizza.  We were sent by our hostel peeps to a locals place, so glad about that too.  The place was busy, and the food was the best I’ve tasted….proper Italian stone baked pizza.  The best part was that the pizzas came in 3 sizes: standard (boring), ½ Metre (for couples) and 1 Metre (for 3 or more eaters).  Generously sized and well made; not too many toppings but very flavoursome.  Washed down with a nice refreshing Coca-Cola this pizza was so good we returned to the same restaurant two nights on the trot.

1/2 Metre Pizza, straight out of the stone oven
Winnie and Lego Jack Sparrow
The leaning tower was basking in the glorious sunshine when we returned to it on our second day in Pisa.  A brilliant blue background, with lush green grass in the foreground….and WinGaz somewhere in the middle taking photos – including a whole load of jump-shots and stereotypical photo poses.  


We were actually told to get off of the grass at one point by security, which was strange?  After a few hours of this and watching a pretty sunset we headed back to our hostel to prepare for another train journey – this time bound for Roma!

In the meanwhile here's a few more of our poses:

Ciao for now!

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