Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Remainder of London

Look what we found at Kings Cross Station!

Day 3 consisted of a Monopoly Tour to all the places on the Monopoly board. It was a fairly big task, and we got our monies worth using the Underground Day Pass for 6.60GBP each. While we were at Pall Mall we visited the Stephen Wiltshire Gallery. Stephen is a very talented artist with an exceptional memory. He has flown over London in 20 minutes and then can draw the entire skyline from memory, remembering details such as the number of floors in the buildings. It was amazing!  We did some shopping while we were down Oxford St. First stop was Primark. OMG this place was crazy busy and everything was so cheap. I bought a pair of flats for 6GBP, some stockings for 1.50GBP and Gaffa bought some Superman and TMNT socks for a few ponds. We went to all the other typical English stores like New Look, Zara, Top Shop, etc… Afternoon snacks consisted of 99p cheeseburger from Macca’s and some small sushi treats from Wasabi. For dinner we just ordered delivered Pizza from a local place near our hostel.

Haha, so old school @ Science Museum
Diving equipment, back in the day
Does anyone remember playing with these when they were younger??

Day 4 consisted of finishing off a few places we missed the day before from the Monopoly Board in the morning. (That morning, we also decided to go see Strictly Gershwin at the Royal Albert Hall that night.) In the afternoon we went to the Science Museum and Harrods. 

Gaffa with a Harrods bear

We had a quick stop at the Apple store to fix Gaffa’s iPhone, which had been unblocked by Optus in Sydney. Then for a late lunch/early dinner we visited Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden. The food there was amazing - blog post on Jamie’s Italian to come later! 

Gaffa outside Jamie's Italian, Covent Garden

After our meal we stopped to watch a busker wrap himself in glad wrap, then get out of it in under a minute. Interesting, but not worth our pennies. Then we were off to the ballet that night. The show was really good, it still fascinates me how the dancers stay on their toes for so long! And the tap dancers were pretty cool.

Camden Markets

Day 5, after checking out of the hostel we ventured to the Camden markets. The shops for ladies dresses sold all the same dresses at about 15-20GBP each. The t-shirts for the guys were pretty funny, at 12GBP each or 2 for 20GBP. Things like ‘I’m with stupid’, ‘I think I Gleed myself’, etc. I bought an I LOVE LONDON t-shirt in purple – yay! And also a cute summer dress. Gaffa had 30 minutes soaking his feet in a tub full of the sucker fish, that eat all the dead skin off. Next we headed to Notting Hill to the Portabella Road Markets. We found the travel bookshop and also the blue door, which is not blue anymore but actually black.

The "blue" door in Notting Hill

The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill
The food at the markets was great. First we had waffles, then tried some Ghanaian food, then some seafood paella. We went back to the hostel to collect our luggage and took a taxi to London Bridge train station. After the mammoth task of lugging our bags from the station, we didn’t want to do it again. We headed off to Brighton on the train and got another taxi to the Hilton Hotel in Brighton. We got a great deal on Expedia for the night, which included a full Buffet Breakfast.

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